Four smiling midwives stand together in a hospital courtyard.

About us

Our passionate, committed and tight-knit maternity team provides care for families in our local community at all stages of the pregnancy, birth and early parenting journey. Our unit is staffed by midwives, supported by local general practitioner obstetricians and experts who are part of our multidisciplinary care team. They have have worked very hard to build a maternity service that is modern, safe and designed specifically with the needs of local women and families in mind. 

Research shows that women who have consistent caregivers experience better outcomes and our team see this demonstrated every day in our work. Under the “Maryborough Model”, your primary midwife will provide care from the early days of your pregnancy right through to the post-birth period, with support from other midwives and a multidisciplinary team.

Having a midwife who is known to you helps keep you and your baby safe. It also means that your needs and wishes around your pregnancy, birth and care after your baby is born are known by someone with whom you are able to form a trusting, professional relationship. 

If you are unable to birth with us at our birthing suite at MDHS, we will coordinate referrals to bigger hospitals and be on-call to support you throughout your experience. We will then care for you as soon as possible into the early days and weeks at home.

We are always hearing from families how lovely it has been for them to see the same midwife throughout their time with us. You can read more about some of our MDHS babies

Our team also cares deeply about diversity and inclusion, and is committed to providing a culturally safe space of care.

Our midwives are trained to help ensure you feel safe, comfortable and well looked after during your pregnancy and birthing experience, no matter what your background, personal preferences or wishes.

To book an appointment or speak to one of our midwives, call us on 03 5461 0333.