A mother holds her baby.

MDHS babies

Meet some of our beautiful Maryborough babies! What a privilege it is to welcome a tiny person into the world. We come to know each and every mum and baby as we support them from early stage pregnancy through birth and to the toddler years, and love staying connected as they grow.

Meet Chloe Wardlaw, Mitch Olassen and little Bonnie…

For Chloe Wardlaw, having her first baby at Maryborough Hospital in September 2022 was a full circle moment. She was born in Maryborough, and her sister had birthed there too.

When Chloe found out she was pregnant her local GP, Dr Daniel de Villiers, referred her to Maryborough District Health Service’s maternity team.

At their first visit, Chloe and her partner Mitch Olassen met Rhiannan Haintz, and were overjoyed when they found she would become their primary midwife. “She made us feel comfortable and supported, and was available 24/7 for any questions we had,” said Chloe. Read more…

Meet Bonnie Scott, Galen Coyle and little Lilah-Mae

For Bonnie Scott, the support of her midwife Anna Bianchi held her steady through the ups and downs of her pregnancy and the birth of her daughter, Lilah-Mae.

Bonnie and her partner, Galen Coyle, moved to Avoca in 2021. When Bonnie became pregnant with their second baby, she turned to her mum for advice. Bonnie’s mum had birthed Bonnie’s brother at Maryborough Hospital. “She’d had such a positive experience, which made me feel really positive about Maryborough.” Read more…

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