A young mother breastfeeds her baby, as the father embraces the mother and baby.

Early parenting care

After you have birthed your baby – whether at Maryborough Hospital or elsewhere – your family will continue to be supported by your primary midwife. We can visit you and your baby at home, to help you adjust, recover from your birth and support you with anything you might need in the early days.

Your midwife is available for you for up to six weeks after your baby is born.

At the end of this time the midwife will hand over your care to the Maternal Child Health Nurse, who keeps supporting you until your child starts school.

Of course, we love receiving visits from you and your baby as they grow!

A midwife sits on a couch with a mother, father and baby during a home visit.

Your midwife will visit you at home after your baby is born and will continue to ensure you and your baby are safe and well.

A midwife says goodbye to a mother, father and baby at the front door as she departs from a home visit.

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