Parents holding newborn baby in hospital.

For visitors / carers

We understand that the birth of a baby is an exciting time for families. Carers and partners are very much included in the journey, and your midwife is here to support you through the experience. For family members or friends who might like to visit after the baby is born, you are very welcome to visit – please just ensure you’re aware of visiting hours and up-to-date with COVID rules.

Yes, one support person is welcome to stay overnight.

Recovery room.
A happy new mum lies in bed holding her new born baby with proud father.

Your partner or primary support person is able to stay with you for the duration of your stay. Please ask your midwife if you’d like to have other visitors.

Visiting hours at Maryborough Hospital are 10.00am – 4.00pm, seven days a week. Partners or the support person of patients in the maternity ward may visit outside these hours.

COVID-19 regulations can change. Please ensure you stay up-to-date with restrictions. Your midwife, ward clerk and other team members can explain them to you.

Please be respectful of staff if there are restrictions due to COVID. These restrictions are set by health authorities to protect patients, visitors and staff.

For more information on hospital visiting hours and COVID-19 entry requirements visit

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